Advisory Board

The external experts in the Advisory Board keep track of the project’s progress and give feedback and advice on issues that may arise during  the project by:

    • providing the necessary inputs for questions that may arise by partners during the research,
    • providing requirements and feedback to the project objectives,
    • providing a final feedback on attention points for results and expectations.




Advisory Board members

The Advisory Board is composed of three external experts from three different companies. They have been approached as they are involved in other related projects in the field of advanced redox flow batteries.


Dr. Thomas Rabbow has studied Chemistry at the University of Bremen in 2002 and researched Phd laser  induced  electrochemical  etching at the same university in 2007. After five years at Electrochemistry group of Fraunhofer IKTS (Dresden) and another five years at Gildemeister Energy Storage (Austria) he is currently working as Senior Electrochemist at AvCarb Material Solutions, which is located in Massachusetts. Since 2017, he is in charge of industrial  research on carbon fibre based electrodes.

Interest: carbons and graphites, flow batteries, fuel cells, chemical synergetics.

Dr. Peter Fischer studied Physical Chemistry at Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf, Germany. There he developed optical sensors  for fuel cell gasses. Since 2011 he is the group leader of the RFB group at Fraunhofer ICT.

Interest: RFB electrolyte chemistry, analytics, cells, stacks and systems.


Dr. Lubomir Kubac is the Executive Head of COC, industrial research company. The company focusses on the R&D and technology transfer into plant conditions (mainly for organic materials). Transfer of technology is done by up scaling into glass as well regular pilot plant and starting low scale production. Dr. Lubomir Kubac participates as senior researcher in the project Orgbat, supported by the Czech government, which solves organic electrolytes for flow batteries mainly based on the anthraquinone. Dr. Lubomir Kubac has long term experience in the field of conductive polymers and their applications in electronics and electrochromic layers and displays.

Interest: conductive polymers and their applications in electronics and electrochromic layers and displays.