Quite some results of the HIGREEW project will be documented in a report.
These reports are planned for the complete project period of four years.
In the below overview you will find the planned reports divided over the different topics.
When a report is finished and available you will be linked to the document by clicking the title in below overview.
Please note that when a report contains confidential information, only the public summary will be published.

1 Specifications definition
Lead partner: GAMESA

  1. Specifications for HIGREEW battery system prototype: system, materials and components [Feb 2020]
  2. Validation protocol for test bench testing [Feb 2020]
  3. Validation protocol for pilot plant testing [Feb 2020]

2 Materials and components optimisation
Lead partner: CIC energiGUNE

  1. Membranes modification and characterisation [Apr 2021]
  2. Aqueous organic electrolyte optimisation and characterisation [Jun 2021]
  3. Electrode activation and surface modification protocols [Jun 2021]
  4. Report on single cell testing and performance [Dec 2021]
  5. Single cell validated at lab scale [Feb 2022]

3 Stack design and engineering
Lead partner: C-TECH

  1. Preliminary cell designs [Nov 2021]
  2. CFD and shunt current models for cell and stack [Feb 2022]
  3. Stack delivery [Dec 2022]
  4. Report on HIGREEW stack and BoP performance including predictions on performance / cost of an optimised system [May 2023]

4 HIGREEW battery protoype engineering
Lead partner: FRAUNHOFER

  1. Battery system design and component specification [Jan 2022]
  2. Physical battery balance of plant design and commissioning [Jul 2022]
  3. Description of the Battery prototype model and algorithms optimisation [Apr 2022]
  4. Report on the power electronics Design and Testing [May 2022]
  5. Description of control strategies [Jun 2022]
  6. Battery System prototype validated [Oct 2022]

5 Final Prototype Integration and Demonstration 
Lead partner: GAMESA 

  1. Communication & control system (advanced BMS + PCS) demonstrator [Mar 2023]
  2. Integration, communication and control testing of HIGREEW battery report [May 2023]

6 Safety and Environmental Issues
Lead partner: CIC energiGUNE

  1. Lifecycle assessment results [Apr 2023]
  2. Safety analysis results [May 2023]

7 Communication, dissemination and exploitation strategy
Lead partner: UNR

  1. HIGREEW project identity [Jan 2020]
  2. Project website [April 2020]
  3. Dissemination and Exploitation Plan [Apr 2020]
  4. HIGREEW I workshop [Feb 2022]
  5. HIGREEW II workshop [Apr 2023]
  6. LCOS analysis [May 2023]

8 Project coordination and management
Lead partner: CIC energiGUNE

  1. Project Handbook [Jan 2020]
  2. Risk Management Plan [Apr 2020]
  3. Data Management Plan [Apr 2020]