EU Sustainable Energy Week: Towards 2030 – Reshaping the European energy system

Coordinator CIC energiGUNE and partner FRAUNHOFER participated in the the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), which took place from 25 till 29 October 2021 as an online event. It was organised by the European Commission and more than 100 people attended this online event.

HIGREEW show cased on the European Energy Sustainable Week
HIGREEW project took part on the European Energy Sustainable Week within the activities organized by FLORES Network of Redox Flow research initiatives composed by 13 European R&D projects.
The participation was structured in three parts: 1) an online booth to present the initiative and the supporting European projects, such as HIGREEW, 2) a redox flow quiz addressed to a mixed audience, policy makers and scientists, 3) and oral presentation done by Dr. Peter Fisher, Group Leader Redox Flow Batteries at Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT and HIGREEW project partner, and Dr. Christina Zugschwert, Research Associate at  Haw Landshut Institute and HyFlow Project Manager.

Why HIGREEW participated
Coordinator CIC energiGUNE and partner FRAUNHOFER shared their presentations from FLORES and to represent the project HIGREEW. The FLORES network is composed by 13 EU projects. These projects have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement no. 875637 (BALIHT), 950038 (Bi3BoostFlowBat), 875605 (CUBER), 875565 (CompBat), 765289 (FlowCamp), 875613 (HIGREEW), 963652 (HYBRIS), 963550 (HyFlow), 875524 (MELODY), 726217 (MFreeB), 851272 (NanoMMES), 860403 (Polystorage) and 875489 (SONAR – network coordinator).

More information can be found here on our website, or go directly to the EUSEW website. The EUSEW factsheet can be found below!