HIGREEW first review meeting – by the European Commission

13 January 2021 – Online

The first year of the HIGREEW project has been completed, and the EC conducted its mid-term review with the HIGREEW partners. The partners had the opportunity to present the technical and scientific progress to the project officer in an online meeting.

At the moment, the project does not have major setbacks due to the COVID19 and the main developments are on schedule. However, possible risks/delays have been identified and will be monitored. This is important, as countries are still in lockdown and/or partners don’t have access to laboratories. The project officer emphasizes the importance of keeping track of delays and reporting them as soon as possible.

Overall, the review meeting went well and the project has received a green light to keep moving forward. The project officer ended the meeting in a positive note by concluding ”this project is one of the few that has (so far) limited impact from COVID-19 pandemic, good effort from the entire team!”