HIGREEW part of the FLORES Group

FLORES stands for a network of Flow Battery Research Initiatives and exists of a group of EU funded projects, created under the Horizon Results Booster (initiated by the COM) and has been set up by the project FlowCamp.

All projects participating in the FLORES group have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Aside from HIGREEW and FlowCampPOLYSTORAGE, SONAR, Cuber, Melody, Compbat, Baliht, MFreeB, HYBRIS, HyFlow, NanoMMES and Bi3BoostFlowBat have joined FLORES.

The projects will share ideas and results in order to create next generation energy storage systems for more stable, effective and affordable energy sources.

This is important for HIGREEW as the project aims to design, develop and validate an advanced redox flow battery, based on new water-soluble low-cost organic electrolyte compatible with optimized low resistance membrane and fast electrodes kinetics for a high energy density and long-life service.