HIGREEW participation in the Battery Innovation Days (2nd edition)

On 13 and 14 September 2022, HIGREEW joined the exhibit at the virtual exhibition during the second edition of the annual conference on battery Research and Innovation – the Battery Innovation Days. The event itself was held in Brussels (Belgium and Online). Coordinator CIC energiGUNE and partner UNR participated in the event and hosted the HIGREEW booth where people had the opportunity to find information about the project, reach out to us, and communicate with other H2020 projects. In total, 32 booths from different projects and organizations were available.

The conference itself has been curated in partnership with the key European Research & Innovation initiatives and included discussions around the battery passportdigital twins for manufacturing; how to improve BMS architectures in the automotive industry; the deep revision currently underway to develop post Li-ion battery technologies, and other items to ultimately reach the goal: building a more responsible battery value chain together.