Published : Article about Redox Flow Batteries by the coordinator (CIC energiGUNE)

Written by Raquel Ferret Poza, Business Development Manager of CIC energiGUNE.

The coordinator of the project, CIC energiGUNE, published an article about the organic electrolyte-based redox flow batteries they are working on. The batteries will represent an economically viable alternative for large-scale stationary energy storage and renewable energy integration. Additionally, it is a key aspect against environmental degradation worldwide and aims for a green future.

The article, available on the CIC energiGUNE’s website, mentions the research carried out by the project HIGREEW, as we are aiming to develop the key materials to provide redox  flow batteries with the best technical performance, extend their life and facilitate recycling. A perfect example how we want to achieve a green future.

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