UPCOMING EVENT: NEXT GENERATION – Flow Battery Conference and Networking Event

On 11th March 2021, the FlowCamp – Redox Flow Battery Campus conference will take place online!

FlowCamp is a research and training project funded by the European Union’s Marie-Sklodowska-Curie programme.

The free, online conference will feature presentations by next-generation flow battery researchers. Results from the FlowCamp project, like the  H2-Br2, zinc slurry air and aqueous organic flow battery systems, will also be presented. The conference will also have plenty of networking opportunities as it has a Networking Event (also online) !
– HIGREEW will be (virtually) present during the conference.

The agenda of the conference will follow soon. You can find more information here on the website.
You can register by filling in this form and sending it to the e-mail address on the form.