The EU Projects Zone – 29 November till 1 December 2022

On behalf of Enlit Europe HIGREEW was invited to participate in the EU Projects Zone. The event took place from 29 November till 1 December 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany.

The EU Projects Zone is a highly-regarded forum for the energy sector in Europe, gathering the industry’s thought leaders, willing to discuss and exchange views around the implementation of the Energy Transition.

According to the Enlit Europe website, this year, the programme of the EU Projects Zone was focused on key topics and themes that are going to guide the energy transition.Smart Grid, Energy Storage, Islands, Digitalisation, and RES (especially Wind and Solar) are the focus points of our programme. The project leaders and coordinators, representing the majority of EU countries, will meet in Frankfurt and discuss successes and lessons learnt. Representatives from the EU Commission and associations also joined and was part of the various panel discussions.

More information on the EU Projects Zone can be found here.