HIGREEW’s Technical Meeting at La Plana (Zaragoza, Spain)

14 & 15 March 2023 – in Zaragoza Spain

A two-day technical meeting has been organised by coordinator CIC energiGUNE, management UNR and host partner Siemens Gamesa to discuss the progress of the objectives as well as the results and to go through the final steps of the project. On the first day, the consortium set together to go through the work packages and exploitation of the project (and beyond). The workshop in May has also been discussed to organise it in a smooth manner. On day 2, Siemens Gamesa gave a tour at their La Plana Hybrid Facility where the container/power connector and the HIGREEW battery has been placed. A few days prior, it was transported by partner Fraunhofer from Germany to the La Plana Hybrid Facility. A demonstration of the battery has been given during the tour. Some interesting pictures can be found below and videos will be shown during the HIGREEW workshop: Flow batteries, bringing the technology to the market.

The partners were excited to see the container in real life and are looking forward to test it on a more regular basis to see its function and progress. All in all, everyone is looking forward to continue working on the project during the last few months and to participate in the HIGREEW workshop on 16 and 17 May 2023.

HIGREEW technical Meeting day 1


HIGREEW technical Meeting – visit La Plana day 2


HIGREEW technical Meeting – visit La Plana day 2


HIGREEW technical Meeting – visit La Plana day 2 – HIGREEW container