UPCOMING EVENT: IFBF Summer Conference – 28–29 June 2022 in Brussels, Belgium

On 28 and 29 June 2022, the International Flow Battery Forum (IFBF) Summer conference will take place in Brussels, Belgium. HIGREEW will participate in this event.

According to the IFBF website, the IFBF is the leading event for the flow battery community. They promote the most recent developments in the science, technology and deployment of flow batteries and our conferences cover a broad range of interests in research and commercial aspects of flow batteries. It will be hosted by Flow Batteries Europe (FBE).

Additionally, the conference will run over two days with presentations, panel sessions, and poster discussions bringing together customers, users, developers, suppliers, manufacturers, and researchers of flow batteries. Coordinator CICe in collaboration with UWB and FRAUNHOFER, has submitted an abstract and will be presenting a poster during the conference. Additionally, partners UWB, PFES and UAM will participate in the event and a booth will be available from FLORES.

More information HIGREEW’s involvement will follow. For information on the conference and how to register can be found here.