HIGREEW participation – RedoxFlow2020 conference (online)

9-10 November 2020

Involved partners: CIC energiGUNE, UAM, HEIGHTS, CNRS, UWB

From 9 to 10 November 2020, the Redoxflow 2020 conference took place on ZOOM. The conference was organized by CNRS and Université d’Amiens.

As the name indicates, the conference focusses on redox flow batteries: achieving sustainable, affordable, safe and efficient storage of renewable electric energy is a key step for the development of modern societies. For this, redox flow batteries are good candidates and are the subject of numerous investigations, from the most fundamental to the highest TRL level. The main characteristic of this family of technologies is the concept of electrolytes circulating in a stack of electrodes, allowing to decouple the power and the energy capacity of the entire storage system.
The objective of the conference was to bring together the community involved in the research for redox flow technologies. One goals of the conference was the construction of a COST action on redox flow technologies.

HIGREEW Participation
HIGREEW partner CNRS was both organizer and attendee of the conference. CNRS mentions that it is the first academic conference on redox flow technologies and it is complementary to the IFBF conference. The partner continues with the fact that this conference was a great opportunity to share first scientific results obtained during the first year of HIGREEW and to establish new contact for future research network. One objective is to build a COST action on Redox Flow Technologies. The other four partners ( CIC energiGUNE, UAM, HEIGHTSUWB) attended the conference as guests.

During the conference, the five HIGREEW project partners held 9 presentations in total, of which 4 specifically acknowledged the HIGREEW funding. Additionally, the partners have submitted abstracts for the conference.

Please find the full program here.

Information about Redoxflow2020
The conference was mainly attended by European researchers on redox flow technologies. There were 170 registered participants from 15 countries (Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium, UK, Denmark, The Netherland, Russia, USA, Israel and Morocco). Aside from the HIGREEW project, other EU H2020 projects have attended the conference, such as the projects: FlowCamp, COMPBAT and BALIHT.

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