Definition of key technical and performance indicators of the HIGREEW system (Feb 2020 – Month 4/43)


Result has been achieved on 28 February 2020 in month 4 of the project (Report 1.1)

Defining techno-economic specifications was the starting point for the development of the HIGREEW battery system. During the first phase of the project, the main technical and economic parameters were defined for the whole battery system, as well as for the materials and components that will be used in its construction. In addition to that, initial aspects concerning safety and sustainability were addressed and shall be further elaborated on throughout the project.

  • Objective: To define the key technical and economic performance indicators of the HIGREEW aqueous organic redox flow battery both on the system level and on the materials and components level.
  • Research: Specifications of currently available redox flow systems and materials, along with technical and economic targets that will make the technology competitive in the future
  • Result: A set of techno-economic specifications for the HIGREEW system and the materials and components
  • What will it be used for: The performance indicators will be used as an input for the following project activities that deal with the development of materials and components that will be used to construct the battery prototype and set the HIGREEW system on its path to an LCOS of 0.05€/kWh/Cycle by 2030.
  • Impact: The specifications defined in the first phase are critical for the upcoming project activities, since the development of the battery’s main components (electrolyte, membrane, electrodes and bipolar plates) should aim to fulfill those technical and economic specifications.