Validation protocol for pilot plant testing (Feb 2020 – Month 4/43)

Result from partners GAMESACTECH, CIC energiGUNE, HEIGHTS, and PFES.

Result has been achieved on 28 February 2020 in month 4 of the project (Report 1.3)

After the completion of the planned HIGREEW test bench testing, the battery will be integrated in the pilot plant “La Plana” in Spain for testing and validation in a real case environment. As a guide to do this, a testing and validation protocol was defined comprising tests related to battery communication, functionality and performance, plus other tests related to safety and control.

  • Objective: To define a testing and validation protocol for the HIGREEW battery system in the pilot plant.
  • Research: Testing strategy needed to test and validate the battery prototype in a real case environment.
  • Result: A testing protocol for the battery system in the pilot plant covering four main aspects: battery communication, proper functionality, performance and safety.
  • What will it be used for: It would serve as a guide for the different types of tests that will be carried out in the pilot plant. The tests included in this testing protocol are meant to double check the proper functioning of the battery, this time in a real case scenario, in addition to observing its behavior when it is integrated as part of a large-scale hybrid renewable energy plant.
  • Impact: The testing protocol is meant to guide the testing and validation activities of the HIGREEW battery in the pilot plant. The protocol is flexible in a way that it can be updated with more tests throughout the project if deemed necessary.